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  • Visual Design


  • SotD - CSS Winner
  • Featured - CSSDSGN
  • Featured - Hoverstates
  • Notable Mention - CSS Design Awards
  • Honorable Mention - Awwwards

About the Client

Andy Wolf is an eyewear fashion brand based in Austria. They pride themselves in producing high-end fashion products locally, with carefully sourced materials and parts. For the release of their very first collection of metal frames (they previously had only worked with acetate), they asked les Avignons for help with creating a microsite for the collection. Together with Thomas Pokorn (concept, copywriting), Jürgen Genser and Marcus Pohorely (development), I designed and built a campaign site that was used to show off the collection at multiple fashion shows around Europe.

The Challenge

Working with a tight timeframe and low budget, we had to find a simple hook to make the collection memorable and the website a stand-out piece.

My Approach

In the early exploration phase I mostly played around with the imagery from the shoot, trying to find new ways to combine it with the collection’s typeface (branding was done in-house). I went for a very constructivist approach, spreading out UI elements around the edges of the screen and turning type by 90 degrees. After some early feedback sessions we decided not to go with that direction, partly because of some technical complexities with vertical scrolling, partly because we didn’t feel very comfortable with it.

Final Solution

In the end, I decided to simply put Stefan’s jaw-dropping photography front and center. After a cinematic intro that presents the collection’s name, the user is presented with the main headshots for the lookbook. We used animated SVG strokes to apply a little visual twist on the hover states of the preview images. The detail views for the glasses open full-width, drawing the user in through the model’s mesmerizing gaze. When switching to view the glasses, the products stays in place - offering a very simple yet fascinating transition.