• Art Direction
  • Visual Design

About the Client

Sonia Kashuk is a young beauty brand focused on producing high-end products being sold at affordable prices through a direct collaboration with retail giant Target. By cutting out the middle-man and going straight from production to retail, the brand created by eponymous makeup artist Sonia Kashuk is able to bring luxury cosmetics to new audiences.

The Challenge

Because they are selling exclusively through Target, Sonia Kashuk was looking to improve their website as a means of showcasing the variety of their product line as well as the know-how and experience behind the brand. Together with Marcus Pohorely, who took over development duties we refreshed and rebuilt the entire Wordpress-based site, increased performance on the front-end, implemented a new product taxonomy on for easier product management on the back-end and made the site fully responsive.

A New Face for the Brand

Taking inspiration from the clean logotype and minimal packaging, the visual design expands on the existing corporate design to create a clean and elegant frame that puts products front and center. A complementary serif typeface set large and with confidence adds a luxurious touch. Custom lipstick-letterings for editorial and social content add another layer of personality to the brand.

Product Detail Page

Because the site is not centered around e-commerce, the main goal of the product page is to show off the packaging and info about the product. Additions to the site included a simple shade-switcher as well as a new recirculation element that allowed easy connection with related products.