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About the Client

Pluto is a real estate company based in Graz, Austria. Their goal is not simply to buy property and gain the highest possible profit. They buy properties that are interesting to them for their intangible value, history and context within the city. What follows is a close collaboration with city planning, architects, urban developers and of course locals. A Pluto project has to be a lasting effort that neatly settles itself into the soul of its neighborhood.

The Challenge

Having recently refreshed their corporate design, Pluto needed a responsive website that showed off their unique way of working and some of their recent projects. Despite the fact that they have worked on some of the most prestigious properties the city has to offer, they have also done a lot of work with residential projects that they wanted to highlight.

Our Approach

We decided to create a simple website with 2 sections: an introduction to the company and an overview of projects. The hero of the website is backed by a blueprint of the best example of their work – the restoration of Palais Kottulinsky – to provide an instant relation to their focus of working with preserved buildings.

I took an existing CAD plan of the project that was provided and used Illustrator to clean up and partly redraw the paths by hand. Exporting it as SVG and embedding that in the website made sure that we would always have the highest possible quality available, even on retina screens.

With the team consisting of only the 3 founders, it was important to highlight the career progression of every founder, in order to show the unique expertise that they can bring to the table. We paired each description with a portrait shot by Stefan Leitner, in order to convey the air of approachability that they have in real life.

The project overview is as straightforward as can be. We decided to show each project with a thumbnail and a short teaser that links to a simple gallery. When viewing a project, we only show a gallery of images, the hard facts and a single paragraph about the project.

The biggest challenge in that was getting decent photos of the properties, as most of them were already occupied when we started working on the website. We therefore took snapshots that were shot during visitations and did our best to enhance them.