• Art Direction
  • Visual Design


  • SotD - Awwwards
  • SotD - CSS Design Awards
  • SotD - CSS Winner
  • Shortlist - FWA
  • Featured - DMIG

About the Client

For our second collaboration for Andy Wolf, we were tasked with creating a microsite for their latest eyewear collection for 2014/15, called AWE. Based around the feeling of experiencing awe, the lookbook is comprised of stories of personal awe, accompanied by breathtaking portraits. Together with Thomas Pokorn (concept, copywriting) and Marcus Pohorely (development), I designed and built a campaign site that was used to show off the collection at multiple fashion shows around Europe.

The Challenge

I really wanted to do the model’s expression in the photos justice by creating a site that would leave the user mirroring the same feeling of being awe-struck. We decided to rely heavily on animation and fluid interaction to provide a impressive way to browse through the lookbook.

My Approach

Letting myself be inspired by the clear-cut lines of the collection’s logotype (created in-house), I decided to play with strong diagonal lines, leading the eyes of the viewer and subtly breaking up the conventional web geometry of boxes and circles. A Ken-Burns effect applied on the group shots draws in the user’s gaze and emphasizes the model’s expressions.

Extremely intricate and smooth transitions between glasses evoke the feeling of navigating a native app instead of a website and draw even more attention to the storyline of amazement and emotional overpowerment. Building the whole website as a js app and harnessing the power of CSS3 animations allowed us to keep the footprint extremely small (~2MB on first load with retina imagery) and ensure smooth performance even on mobile devices.